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Family Feud Pilot Set Fast Money
Here's the pilot set ready for Fast Money.

I don't own FF. All copyright material is owned by FremantleMedia, Mark Goodson, Bill Todman.

Credits also goes to wheelgenius for his 1976 family door template.

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The gang all climb up onto the ship.

Robbie: Come on you guys.

Lindsay: (to Robbie) Do you really think there's a treasure here?

Robbie: Lindsay, this whole ship's a treasure.

Lindsay: (spots a skeleton) Oh! Robbie look. (walks around it)

Robbie: Ah, it's nothing to worry about Lindsay, it's only a skeleton. (he turns the skeleton around and sees that daggers have been shoved into the skeletons eyes.) Ewww.

Flip: There's gotta be gold.

All of a sudden the ship floor gives way beneath him and he falls through. He lands hard but he's okay. He checks himself over to make sure he's alright.

Flip: Flip's okay. Flip's okay. (turns to his side and sees a skeleton.) Ahhh!

All: Flip are you okay?

Flip: Flip's okay. But Flip's tired of falling and Flip's tired of skeletons.

Jonesy: Why didn't you use the stairs?

Flip: Use the stairs! Some idiot up there tells me to use the stairs when Flip's falling. Flip says nobody cares anymore. Stairs.

The rest of them come down the stairs.

Robbie: Flip's okay.

Flip: And they tell me I have stupid inventions. And I'm spending months and months studying on them and inventing them. God! What fun I have.

Robbie walks over to another skeleton and picks up it's sword.

Lindsay: Don't touch that.

Robbie: Why? He's dead, he doesn't care.

Jonesy: Put that down.

Lindsay: Well have some respect. Put it down.

Jonesy: How many ships did you say there were?

Robbie: Billions.

Jonesy: Billions. Billions?

They all head up some stairs.

Jonesy: Okay, be careful you guys. These stairs are slippery. Okay guys, don't slip. Don't slip. (As he says this he slips.)

Lindsay finds a little doll of sorts.

Lindsay: Oohh.

Robbie: T.D. translate.

T.D.: Ah, translate nothing! It's just a sketch of the old cannonball chamber. Where's the gold?!

Beth: Where's the gold, Robbie!

Lindsay stands up and as she does she pulls on a cord by her side. This sets off something.

Lindsay: Uh-oh.

Robbie: What?

Lindsay: (lets go of the cord) I think I set off another trap.

A small door pops open above their heads.

Lindsay: I'm sorry. Are you okay?

They lift Robbie up to the door, and he breaks through.

Jonesy: All right, break through.

Robbie climbs through and sees what's up there.

Jonesy: What's up there?

Robbie: It's okay, Jonesy. Just give me a second.

Jonesy: Okay.


Robbie turns and we can see that we're in Willy's Lair. Several skeletons are all sitting at a table.

Robbie: Geez. And all these guys must've died. (sees Willy) Willy. One-Eyed Willy. Hello. I'm Rob Garcia, you've been expecting me. Haven't you? Well I made it. I beat you. I got here in once piece. So far. (He looks under Willy's eye patch.) So, that's why they call you One-Eyed Willy. One-Eyed Willy. We had a lot in common, huh Willy? You know something Willy? You were the first Goonie. (All the others show up) Yo. Hi guys. How's it going? This is Willy. One-Eyed Willy. Say hi, Willy. Those are my friends. The Goonies. How long have you guys been standing there?

Jonesy: Long enough, Robbie. Long enough.

Everyone gazes at the gold that surrounds them.

Robbie: What are you staring at? Load up, anything you can put in your pockets. (Flip reaches for a tin of gold that's hanging in a balance) Except that!

Jonesy: Why?

Robbie: That's Willy's. Save that for Willy. Anything else.

They all start to load up their pockets with jewels and gold. Robbie dumps out his marble bag.

Robbie: Bye bye Marbles.

Lindsay puts on some gorgeous necklaces.

Lindsay: Oh my god. Oh my god!

Beth: Hey come on, those creeps are still after us.

Flip: What are we gonna do about them?

Jonesy: I don't know. I don't care.

Robbie: I've got an idea.

Flip: What is it?

Robbie: I saw this on the Hardy Boys once. We lead a trail of jewels into one cave, and then hide out in another, and when the Wernstrom-Farnsworth's go into that cave, then we can make a run for it.

Mom: Now that sounds like a great idea!

(They all turn and see the Wernstrom-Farnsworth's standing in the doorway.)

Robbie: Yo!

Mom: Outside!

Flip: Okay! This is war!

Robbie: Flip, no!

Mom: I said outside!

Flip: No! We will not be taken alive, Robbie.

T.D.: We? What do you mean we?

All: Flip! Flip!

Robbie: It's not funny, Flip. She's got a gun!

Mom: Outside! Let's go!

Lindsay: Flip!

Beth comes up beside her and they check out each other's jewelry.

Lindsay: Oh, I love that.

Beth: That's great.

Mom: Move it!


Flip: I know what I'm doing.

He goes to stand in front of the rest of the gang like he's having a showdown. He tries to get the boxing glove to work again but it won't. Larry laughs at this.

Flip: Flip is unhappy.

He shoots out his Pinchers of Peril and they get Larry right in the crotch.

Larry: Ahhh!

Flip: Pinchers of Peril. Ha ha!

Walt: Let me help you brother.

Flip shoots off a little suction cup and it hits Mom's gun. Instead of pulling the gun from her, it pulls Flip towards them and he runs into Mom making her drop the gun into the lower part of the ship.

Mom: My gun!

Larry: That's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Walt: You come with me.

Mom: Empty your pockets! Come on!

The Cartoon Goonies begin emptying all their pockets.

Mom: Lets go! All of it! (to T.D.) You're so quiet all of a sudden. You're the one they call T.D., aren't you?

T.D. shakes his head 'No'. Mom reaches over and pulls out a long pearl necklace from T.D.’s mouth.

Mom: Oh my God! Is that all?

T.D: Mmmhmm. (nods)

Mom smacks him on the back of the head and he spits out about 5 more jewels.

Mom: Oh my god!

Lindsay is having her wrists tied together.

Lindsay: You gross old witch!

Mom: You wanna play pirates, huh? We'll play pirates.

Lindsay: No!

Mom: We'll play pirates. Keep going smarty. Say goodbye to your little friends.

Lindsay: I can't do it with my hands tied.

Mom: Now walk the plank.

Lindsay: (Mom swings the swords at her and makes her fall into the water.) Jonesy!

Jonesy: Lindsay! Look out! Get out of the way! (he jumps in the water to save Lindsay) Lindsay!

Mom: Two down! Who's next?

Beth and T.D. are now being made to walk the plank together.

Beth: Hey! You're pulling my hair.

T.D.: Hey you get that girl away from me.

Mom: Go join your friends you weasels.

Igner: Hey you guys!!

Igner stabs the sail with his knife and he and Chowder slide down.

Robbie: Chowder!

Mom: Igner! How'd he get out?

Chowder: Save 'em!

Chowder swings down and saves T.D. and Beth.

Chowder: Ay Igner!

Robbie: Chowder!

Chowder: No, it's Captain Chowder.

Larry: Mom, give me the sword. (She slams it into his hand and he jerks with pain.)

Chowder: And Captain Chowder says, let's get the hell outta here.

Walt: Get out of the way kids!

Igner runs interference while all the Cartoon Goonies run for it. They all run on the plank and jump into the water. Beth punches Mom. Walt gets a piece of rope and tosses one end to Larry.

Walt: Larry, the rope here. Go, go!

Larry: Ignerney! Ignerney! Jump rope, Ignerney!

Walt: What do you mean jump rope?

Larry: (duh) Jump rope.

Walt: (gets it) Jump rope.

Both: Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies

They run towards and under each other so that now the rope is wrapped around Igner's waist. Igner grabs each end of the rope and swings them back to where they were so that he's free again. He rips open his shirt to reveal a Superman shirt underneath.

Igner: (points to the shirt) Igner.

Walt: We're in deep shit now, Larry.

Larry: Oh, shit.

Igner looks at both of them deciding who to beat up first.

Walt: Igner, remember the time we went to the Bronx Zoo?

Larry: Don't start that.

Walt: He and Mom wanted to leave you there. Who spoke up for you?

Larry: We never been to the Bronx Zoo.

Walt: Remember the time we were gonna get your teeth fixed and we spent the money on Larry's toupee?

Larry: I don't wear a hair piece.

Larry runs at Walt and they start fighting.

Walt: You rotten bastard. You lying

Igner grabs them and knocks their heads together, knocking them out cold.


Jonesy saves Lindsay.

Jonesy: Here, grab the rock.

Before he unties her wrists he puts her arms over her head and they kiss.

Lindsay: Jonesy, what happened to your braces?

Jonesy: I don't wear braces. Robbie wears Robbie, that little

Lindsay: Shhhh. (she kisses him again)


Igner has tied up Walt and Larry. He then lifts them up so they they're hang above the deck. He ties the rope off so that they won't fall.

Igner: Hey you guys!! (laughs) Mom.

Mom.: Come to Mom, baby, come on.

Igner: Mom, you been bad.

Mom: Oh, Ignerney. I may have been bad. I may have kept you chained in the room. But it was for your good. Oh, don't you remember when I used to sing to you? When you were a little boy?

Igner: (laughs)

Mom: (sings) Rock a bye baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows your cradle will bob. When the bow breaks the cradle will fall

Igner: Ahhh.breakfall. (gestures to his face.)

Mom: Oh, I only dropped you once.

Igner: Ahh!

Mom: Well maybe twice.

Igner: Ahhh! (He picks up Mom over his head.)

Mom: Put me down! Igner, put me down!

Igner drops her over the side of the boat into the Lagoon.  All the Goonies cheer.

Larry: It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be all right.

Igner jumps into the Lagoon.

Larry: Get the rope.

Walt: I don't wanna.

Larry: Calm down. Calm down!

Mom climbs back into the boat.


Chowder: Igner, this is the guys. Guys, this is Igner.

All: Hi. Hello.

Robbie: Jonesy, we can't go. We can't leave all that gold. That's our future.

Jonesy: No, Robbie, we stay here we got no future. We'll come back for it later.

Robbie: Oh, all that rich stuff.

Jonesy: Come on! (grabs Robbie)


Walt: Mom! Just let us down easy, Mom.

Mom is cutting the rope with a sword.

Larry: Not the sword! Don't do that!

The rope breaks and they fall.

Walt: You all right?

Larry: Yeah. You?

Walt: Yeah.

They go back to fighting.

Mom: Will you get up! Let's go find the gold!


They spot an opening in the cave.

Jonesy: That's it! A light!
Lindsay: You guys it's a way out!


Mom: Thank you, Mr. Willy. Thank you. You've made my day. This is a real treat.

She reaches over and lifts the tray of gold that, earlier, Robbie told Flip not to touch. It sets off a booby trap.

Walt: What the hell is that?

Mom: Another one of those

Mom & Larry: Booby traps!!

Larry: Let's get outta here!

Walt: What booby trap?! What booby trap?!

Larry: Booby trap. Didn't you see the movie?


They have made their way over to the opening in the cave.

Jonesy: Look you guys, daylight. There's been a cave in here before. Maybe we can get through. I can't see through the side though. (to Flip) You got a light?

Flip: I got that last candle. Robbie get it.

Jonesy: Okay, hurry up.

Chowder: Is there a way out or what?

Lindsay: Is there an opening or not?

They light the "candle".

Flip: Hey, this is a funny candle. It's sparkling.

Jonesy: It's not a candle it's

All: Dynamite!!!
They all run and duck under the water as the TNT explodes. It explodes and closes up the small opening.


Walt and Larry jump from the ship.

Mom: Women and children first!

She jumps. The explosion has started a sort of cave in. There are all kinds of rocks falling into the Lagoon and onto the boat.


Robbie and Jonesy are trying to move a big boulder that is now blocking the opening.

Robbie: Jonesy, what about the loot?

Jonesy: What about our lives?

Robbie goes back to helping. Igner comes up and is able to lift the boulder using his back.

Jonesy: Okay, hurry up.

The group begins to crawl out through the small opening.

Igner: Go!

Jonesy: Go! Hurry up! Are you all right!

Robbie, Beth, and Lindsay go through. Mom, Walt, and Larry are all swimming in their direction.

Mom: Igner! Help us!

Flip, T.D., and Jonesy, crawl through. Chowder is the only one left.

Igner: Mom!

Chowder: Igner, come on!

Igner: Ah, I love you Chowder.

Chowder: I love you too. You're gonna get crushed. (He goes.)

Mom: Igner!

Igner: Mom!

He lowers the rock to go and help her.

Chowder: (in small tunnel) Igner! No! No! He's alive!

Jonesy drags him out into the open.

Jonesy: Let's go. Come on!

The 'booby trap' is actually pulling up the ship's anchor. The dynamite has created a large opening in the cave so that the ship might be able to get out.
Cartoon Goonies Chapter 6
It's been awhile since I posted another chapter for the Cartoon Goonies, but here it is. I decided to post another chapter since I'm watching "The Goonies" on Syfy for the first time right now.

Characters in this chapter:

Mom (Futurama)
Walt Wernstrom (Futurama)
Larry Wernstrom (Futurama)
Lindsay (Total Drama)
T.D. Kennelly (Martha Speaks)
Beth (Total Drama)
Flip Chan (The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan)
Chowder (Chowder)
Robbie Garcia (6teen)
Jonesy Garcia (6teen)
Jared Klimer (The Oblongs)
Igner (Futurama)

I don't own the Goonies. All copyright material belongs to Warner Bros., Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg, and Richard Donner. And the cartoons belong to their rightful owners.

Today is the 45th Anniversary of the hit Hatos-Hall game show: "Split Second". The show first on this date exactly 45 years on ABC and it ran until June 27, 1975.


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